The 6 Best Spy Gadgets To Catch Cheaters

Don't let your cheating partner get away with an affair for a moment longer. Bust them by spying on them with secret gadgets and technology that will let you confront them so that there's no way they can deny it. Try one or more of these 6 must-have devices for catching an unfaithful partner:
  1. GPS tracker.

  2. Follow your cheating partner wherever they go by monitoring their activity and finding out where they're going. Simply attach a GPS tracker to their car and gain access to their every move around the Auckland area. You'll be the first to know when they're heading to their lover's house or going to a motel. You can also tell if they're lying when they claim to be working late or if they say that they're going to the gym or a friends house. You'll never have to wonder about their whereabouts again when you install an easy to use GPS tracker to their car and get the evidence you need to confirm an affair.
  3. Stalker apps.

  4. Similar to a GPS tracker, a cell phone stalker app traces your partner's location but is effective even when they're not in the car. A stalker app is easy to install on your partner's phone and you can monitor their movements from your own device without them knowing about it. Good apps can even allow you to pinpoint their exact location, for example, leading you to a specific room in a motel so you can bust them in action. They might think they're sneaking around but when you use spy gadgets like a stalker app you can know exactly where they are at all times.
  5. Hidden cameras.

  6. Nothing beats a hidden camera for finding cheaters. There are loads of types of cameras available and they are so small that they'll never be detected, even if your partner thinks you might be following them. Hidden cameras are easy to install and can be placed around their office to catch a work affair, around a room where you think they're cheating, or even on their clothing so you can see who they're with wherever they go. Recording your partner having an affair is great evidence that you can use to confront them about your cheating. Showing them exactly what you've seen means that there's no denying it.
  7. Photography.

  8. Sometimes nothing beats good old fashioned photos for finding cheaters and busting them. Use a stalker app or GPS to follow them to the right location and then work your best spy moves by staking them out from your car or in the bushes. A high quality zoom lens will allow you to get perfect photo evidence even from far away. They'll be shocked when you confront them with photos that they can't talk their way out of.
  9. Computer keyboard logger.

  10. Modern technology means that many affairs are carried out online and you can use tech-friendly spy gadgets to catch cheaters when they're on the computer. A USB keyboard logger keeps track of every keystroke on your partner's computer so you can see exactly what they're saying when they're emailing or messaging.
  11. Cell tracking software.

  12. We all use our cell phones for just about everything these days, including messaging, texting, or emailing to hook up with a secret lover. Your cheating partner is probably doing all of those things and now you can find out exactly what they're up to with the use of software that tracks their cell usage. You can easily install it on their phone and then sit back and see all of their activity from texts to calls, giving you undeniable evidence of their infidelity that you can use to confront them and get to the bottom of their affair once and for all.