8 Signs She’s Cheating On You

know cheating signsHow to tell if she’s cheating

Something’s not right and you can’t deny it any longer. If you’re suspicious of your wife or girlfriend’s behaviour she might be having an affair right under your nose. If she’s not coming clean about cheating there are tell-tale signs that will confirm your suspicions. Here are the top clues for how to know if she cheated:

  1. She’s secretive with her devices.

  2. If her phone password changes, her computer becomes locked down or she’s using her devices in secret there’s a good chance that she’s got something to hide. Watch out if she starts taking a lot of calls in private, hides her texts from you, or suddenly shuts down what she’s doing with her phone or computer when you walk into the room.

  3. She finds ways to be out of the house.

  4. Maybe she suddenly starts working late at night, starts going to the gym for hours on end, or claims to be spending a lot more time with her friends. Whatever her excuse is, if you find that she’s anxious to get out of the house there might be someone else that she’s sneaking off to see.

  5. She stops being intimate.

  6. It’s hard for a cheater to maintain physical intimacy with their partner if they’re cheating. If she stops initiating sex, brushes away from your advances, or is distant during sex then she might be sleeping with someone else. She may be holding back on intimacy because she’s getting it from someone else and feels too guilty to have sex with you.

  7. She gives more information than usual.

  8. When someone is trying to cover their tracks they will likely have crafted a well thought out story for where they’ve been and who they’ve been with. If she starts giving you a long and detailed description about what she’s up to she might be trying to hide something. If she wants to cover up an affair she may be piling on the details to make sure there aren’t any unexplained gaps in what she’s been up to.

  9. She’s acting guilty.

  10. This is one of the classic cheating signs, when she starts showering you with gifts, compliments, and praise when she’s around you. When someone feels guilty about an affair they can go into overdrive trying to make up for it in whatever other ways they can.

  11. She becomes distant.

  12. On the other side, while some people overcompensate with affection, some people pull away from their partner when they’re cheating. You might find that she’s become distant, distracted, or defensive and this is because her mind is elsewhere and she can’t give attention to more than one person at a time.

  13. She becomes more attentive to her looks.

  14. You may have noticed that she’s started wearing makeup more often, going for more waxing appointments, dressing up more than she used to, or has started to wear sexy underwear on daily occasions. There’s a good chance that there’s someone else that she’s trying to impress so she’s putting more attention into her appearance.

  15. You’ve got a gut feeling.

  16. Sometimes you just know. Whether the other signs are there or not, it’s common for people to have an intuitive feeling that something isn’t right with their partner. No matter what she’s telling you, if your instincts are waving red flags then it’s time to pay attention and listen to your gut. Human intuition is a powerful thing so listen to your feelings when you suspect that she’s cheating and do some digging to find out the truth.