8 Scandalous Confessions Of A Serial Cheater

Sometimes a man will have an affair as a one-off experience, while others seem to be addicted to cheating. We've caught up with a serial cheater and got him to fess up to cheating and dish the details on why he just can't stop. In his own words here are his 8 top reasons why he's hooked on cheating:
  1. I need the rush.

  2. There's nothing like the adrenaline rush that you get from having an affair with another woman. The stakes are high, you're sneaking around, and your heart is pounding as you make your move. It's a feeling unlike anything else and it feels so thrilling that I just can't get enough of it. The high I get from cheating on my wife is such a contrast to my mundane life that I just can't live without it.
  3. I'm obsessed with sex.

  4. I know some married guys that are ok with only having sex with one woman and only getting it a couple of times a week but I'm not like that. I love sex and want to have as much of it as possible, even if it means cheating on my wife. She only wants to have sex about twice a week so I have affairs to make sure I'm getting laid at least 5 or 6 times. Sometimes I have multiple mistresses on the go to make sure I can have as much sex as I possibly can.
  5. I know I can get away with it.

  6. My wife caught me cheating and got really upset but decided to forgive me. After I knew that I could get away with it once I just kept having affairs. She probably knows about it but doesn't say anything so I just keep cheating because I can. I'm not fessing up to cheating because I love the freedom even though I know it's wrong.
  7. I love the ego boost.

  8. Married men miss out on the ego boost that I get everytime I attract a new woman. It feels great knowing that other women find me desirable to know that I've still got it. I love the chase and the way it makes me feel like a man when I can work my game on other women and close the deal by having an affair.
  9. My wife doesn't satisfy my needs.

  10. In addition to not wanting sex as much as I do, my wife is also pretty tame in the bedroom. I love experimenting in bed and my mistresses are always up for anything. Serial cheating gives me the chance to have all of my sexual needs met, from having lots of sex to getting to get as kinky as I want without offending my wife.
  11. I don't feel valued in my relationship.

  12. When I have an affair I never have to deal with nagging or the hassle that I get from my wife. My mistresses always make me feel manly and important, like they can't live without me and are lucky to be with me. My wife takes me for granted and makes me feel like an idiot when I don't do things right around the house but I feel like a god when I'm having an affair with a new woman who makes me feel amazing.
  13. I can't resist beautiful women.

  14. There are just too many gorgeous ladies in the UK that I can't pass them up. If I meet a beautiful woman I'm not satisfied until I get her in bed. I can't just be friends or colleagues with a woman when I know that I could be sleeping with her. I know it's wrong to cheat but I simply can't help myself when I see a pretty girl coming my way.
  15. I get the best of both worlds.

  16. I love the benefits of being in a relationship and the perks of having serial affairs. Even though I hate the idea of cheating on my wife, I just can't help it because I love the way I get the best of everything. The stability and companionship I get from my wife is great and so is the hot sex I get when I have affairs, and there's no way I want to give up that dream combination.