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Below is a small selection of recent feedback taken from the Project Investigators featured in International Innovation.

I wanted to highlight my research at the University of Toledo and felt an article with International Innovation would describe my research activities quite thoroughly to a broader community. Working with the Research Media team was straight forward and in particular, correspondence with Rebecca was prompt and accurate. Once produced I gave copies of the publication to the Chair of my Department and the Dean of my College. The Dean asked for another copy to give the President of the University, who usually brings such items to the attention of the Board of Trustees. Since members of the administration are now aware of the activities of Research Media and are impressed with International Innovation, they are likely to request other faculty members to contribute when contacted. Locally the community of Toledo are now more aware of my work and Research Media's international reach may lead to further interactions through collaborations and the like.

Prof. Steve Federman, University of Toledo

The decision to work with Research Media was a simple one to make, International Innovation is an internationally recognized publication and I was delighted to have my work featured. The editorial process was explained in depth but was actually much easier than I had anticipated. Having a dedicated team of editors, scientific journalists and designers to produce my article gave a very efficient and precise process. At a number of stages I was consulted to ensure my article was to my expectations and nothing was finalised without my full approval. This resulted in an enjoyable, understandable and informative article that will have an impact in the scientific world as well as helping me with my outreach efforts to connect with a more general audience. A huge benefit in also receiving the copyrights of my article will allow me to use this for a long time to come, this will make a great handout at the conferences and exhibitions I attend. The final product was far beyond my expectations and my editorial team were great at working with me to put across a message to give me the international recognition I required.

Dr. ChuanLi Jiang, Earth & Space Research (ESR)

This is a fantastic opportunity to share research with a global audience. Research Media combine science and personality and prepare articles in an elegant way that allows readers to quickly grasp what is going on in a particular field. It fills an important gap between research journals and popular science magazines. I was very happy with the efficiency Tom and the team delivered in the production of my article, I was consulted along the process to make sure I was pleased with the work. I also appreciated the graphics design team in coming up with the artwork. I think the report presents my work in an informative, attractive, yet easy to understand format that will arouse the interests of all readers alike.

Prof. Biao Ding, Ohio State University

This is a great way to help meet the "Broader Implications" obligation of my NSF funding. Public outreach and communication of science is a valuable way to meet this requirement, the Research Media team are great at translating science into an accessible narrative. This will give the broader public a better appreciation of the importance of ecological science to their own welfare.

Prof. Oswald Schmitz, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

A very professional service and one that will give our work exposure to different spheres. The final product was a very enjoyable and understandable description of our work, that can be used for dissemination to a broad audience. Also having the prepared document will allow us to use this further as handouts.

Prof. Douglas Schmitt, University of Alberta

One of the often heard concerns about the media from colleagues is the distortion of the story. I was hesitant to participate with ResearchMedia until I could learn more. All of the responses I heard were positive and my experience was entirely favourable. The team had researched the questions well, respected my time schedule, allowed me to review their layout and acted in a thoroughly professional manner.

Dr Rob Butler, President, Pacific WildLife Foundation

I decided on an article within International Innovation to highlight our undergraduate research program. The quality of the final article is first-rate and this will certainly make our program easily understandable and accessible to all who read the article. The flexibility in my involvement with this publication allowed me to fit this around work and travel.

Joseph Ayoob, University of Pittsburgh

I undertook an article in International Innovation to give exposure to our work outside academia, the final product was professional and I found the interview process to be efficient and accurate. Overall it was a good experience and the feedback from my University president has been positive, I look forward to the response from others.

Dr. Christopher M. Swan, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The service I received at Research Media was professional and responsive and provides a digestible summary for a non science literate person. International Innovation is a slick publication and is a great opportunity for further exposure.

Prof. Mark Serreze, National Snow and Ice Data Center

I am very pleased with the results, as were my Program Officers at the NSF. Looking forward to working with you again.

Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, University of Vermont

International Innovation is of superb quality with an expert editorial and graphic design team, they really helped me put my research across in an enjoyable and understandable language. I would highly recommend for US dissemination and global outreach.

Jie Xiao, Johns Hopkins University

I wanted to target an audience interested in policy and society. Research Media communicates my research to a non-technical audience and explains the broader impacts of my work. I would recommend in this for wider dissemination.

Al Valocchi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

As a respected research dissemination publication, International Innovation provided the perfect opportunity for NAMEPA to communicate its important work to a wider scientific audience. In addition to the broad readership of the publication the article is available on the NAMEPA website and has also been distributed to our extensive member base. We are very pleased with the outcome of what was an easy process and overall an excellent experience.

Clay Maitland, Founding Chairman / Carleen Lyden-Kluss, President of Morgan Marketing and Communications, NAMEPA

I enjoyed working with Emma Thompson on this article. She asked insightful questions, and was very responsive in making requested changes to the draft before the article went to print.

Fran Ulmer, Chair, United States Arctic Research Commission (USARC)

It was a very pleasant experience working with Research media, one which I undertook to distribute my research to a wider community. International Innovation certainly reaches a wider audience compared to the usual space science journals, although at first I was reluctant to accept this endeavour. News channels often have a problem relaying science topics correctly to a wider audience, but now I am truly impressed by the professionalism of the Research Media team and the procedure to make the articles happen. I would absolutely recommend this to those who have not been involved in this form of dissemination before.

Dr. KarlHeinz Trattner, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Lab

I felt International Innovation was a great format to get out the central ideas of our research program and reach a variety of folks who might be able to capitalize on the transcriptome resources we are developing as part of this project. The Research Media team were fantastic, they were very professional and accommodating and even though the process was explained to me in detail before I decided to pursue this I was actually surprised at how easily the article came together – I highly recommend this dissemination format and I am looking forward to a greater diversity of folks to see what we're up to and the resources we are developing.

Dr. Keith Crandall, George Washington University

I decided to produce an article with Research Media because of their offer to support me with editorial and design teams with a vast experience in bringing science to the public. I had no experience with that sort of publication, but I was seduced by the professionalism of the people who contacted me and the idea of producing a document that would be broadly accessible and visually appealing, with a reasonable time investment on my part. I was also curious to see what an outside team of professional science journalists would write about my research activities, and hence obtain an external perspective on how to present my research to a wide audience. An important aspect to me was that, unlike what happens with journalists of general media, I was assured that I would have the opportunity to review and make corrections to the document before approving its final form before publication.

I really felt that everyone at Research Media had the quality of this article at heart. Despite the different time zones, I always received prompt responses to my messages and the communications were efficient, clear and polite. It has been a great experience working with Research Media and I am very proud of the result. I will surely give prominence to this publication on my group website. It will also be used to promote the activities of the research group in Optics that I am part of (the COPL). Finally, it will be a useful recruitment tool for my (Physics) Department.

I would not hesitate to recommend Research media to anyone.  They are a great team of people, very professional, dedicated and flexible.

Professor Simon Rainville, Laval University

The articles previously produced gave us a good idea of the quality of International Innovation, that topped with the suggestion to do this by our NSF program officer led us to accept the invitation to work with Research Media. The editorial process was made achievable by the Research Media team, time is precious as we have multiple projects in play. The team were understandable of this but also very thorough with reminders and persistence in following up with us, I really appreciate that Research Media took the lead on making this article happen. The end product was of high quality and I would certainly recommend this, this article now gives us a format and language that our work does not typically use and will be very effective in reaching an audience that our typical journals, websites and reports do not.

Professor Andrew Kliskey, University of Alaska Anchorage

We used Research Media’s services to boost project results dissemination directed towards a general public and not just the scientific community. We are more than pleased with the service received from Research Media. They have been really helpful and particularly supportive when we could not provide them on time with the requested information. We would definitely recommend Research Media to colleagues. The report has been sent to all project members and a wide number of stakeholders. They have already provided us with a number of positive enquiries.

FP7 Coordinator, Tecnalia

International Innovation is a nice, unique way to present research to a broad audience and to enhance international profiles.

Dr. Irena Creed, University of Western Ontario

This is great exposure of my research to possible investors and people interested in further developing ideas. Although this was a difficult task since most of the work was done during my travels, Research Media team were patient, accommodating and effective in all regards.

Dr. Vladimir Golubev, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

International Innovation Provided a simplified synthesis of our work that can be quickly read, enjoyed and understood - particularly useful for journalists and non-specialists. The editorial team were professional, timely and communications were clear.

Prof. Joseph Pawlik, UNCW Center for Marine Science

I undertook an article with International Innovation to contribute to the National Science Foundation mandate for showing broader impacts of our research. I would recommend participation in the publication for other researchers, depending on how broad I would expect interest would be in their research.

Prof. Thomas D. Sharkey, Michigan State University

I felt this would be a great avenue for broader impact, the editorial process was efficient and accurate. I am looking forward to the feedback my article will bring.

Prof. Yongkang Xue, University of California, Los Angeles

We were pleased by the opportunity to gain international exposure for our research. The writing and editing process went well, we got a professional, understandable article without undue effort on our part. I would recommend the final product and the ease of the process. We expect to gain awareness of our basic research and methods in Europe and the USA.

Roger E. Koeppe II, University of Arkansas

I was entirely pleased with the performance of your company and would certainly recommend it to others.

Harvard University, Centre for the Environment





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